2007年12月1日 星期六

口語1.,2題模板(轉) 希望能幫上大家

Book interesting?

Harry potter.

Harry potter is undoubtly a famous book but most people think it is a book for children or teenagers. I have to say it is an interesting experience to read harry potter even for adults. In the book it describes a whole magic world and there are so many mysterious things, for example magic and spells, people can fly… but the fiction developed with very logical endings. I love this book because it was written in an easily-understood language and it inspired my imagination so much.

Admired people ?

My grandfather.

He is not tall, a little bit thin but in good health even at age of 78. He used to be a carpenter of making handicraft. He is very professional in his field and a lovely old man at home. He is an accurate person being precise on anything, on his craft and even on cooking. My grandpa is very kind to me and my brother,he always tell us that , whatever you are be a responsibly one for what you did, because of his accuracy.

important Ceremony or event?

I'll never forget my graduation ceremony.

It was held in 2004 in ShanDong University. In that ceremony, I achieved my master of sciences degree in Biochemical Engineering. It was a wonderful reward of my two years hard study and also a perfect start of my future work. At the ceremony, I was like a superstar receiving everyone's flowers, congratulations, being shot by tens of cameras simultaneously and celebrate our success with all of my classmates. We deserve such a happy party.

Favorite Place?

La pure café

My friends and I often go to la pure café in our spare time. It just locates in our neighborhood so it's very convenient for us to go there. We can enjoy its famous coffee or chocolate ice cream, the cake and cookies are also toothsome. There are nearly hundreds taste of coffee and ice cream worthy to try, most important, they are not expensive. It is a quite place, my friends and I can site outside to talk and relax, share our happiness, or play some chess. There also serve some fashion magazines that people can read for free.

Best Gift ?


It was a gift from my parents to congratulate my graduation two years ago. Although its model is a bit out of date its work performance is still in good conditions. I spend at least 5 hours in front of my laptop everyday. It is the most important instrument for my study and work. I need it to finish my paper, make presentation slides, and do the lab data analysis, simulate the Chemical Engineering model. In my spare time, I use the laptop to surf on the internet to read news or find useful information, chat with friends.

Important characteristics of friend

I think a good friend should be first of all honesty. There's no friendship can last long if it builds on lies. And a good friend should also be frank; he should point out my weakness if I'm wrong instead of pricing me all the time. And a good friend should be the best support of mine, who is always willing to help me, listen to me, share our happiness or sorrow. It says that a friend in need is a friend indeed.

Famous Activity in your country?

There are many popular sports in China, for example soccer, volleyball, table tennis, badminton etc. Among these games I think the most popular one is table tennis. Chinese has won nearly all the top prizes of table tennis in world championship competition and in Olympics games. I think this is the most important reason that table tennis is famous in China. It's a competitive game and it can improve people's quick reaction as well as flexibility. Even primary school students can play it very well.

Describe A difficulty experience and how to solve it

Last week I installed my laptop by my own, it may not be considered as a problem by others but it was really a big difficulty to me. I never installed a whole operating system before. Last week my laptop got virus and crashed, unfortunately I was in urgent need of my computer to prepare my TOEFL exam. I have to get all the software CDs, print out some install instructions from internet, carefully follow the protocols, backup all my important information and data before formatting the hard disk…there was so many unknown things to me, but fortunately I finally managed them all and get my computer recovered.

Small group discussion or lecture?

In larger lecture, you may feel boring with professor's speech or become sleepy after a while so your understanding will decline. But this will not happen during group discussion. Group discussion is more efficient for carry on a project, everyone are forced to give their own opinion and thinking. Group discussion can inspire creativity and brainstorming, in discussion you will automatically find your knowledge become more systematically and improved during the group talks.

Eat out with friends or eat at home?

We would prefer to eat in restaurants. First reason is that we usually are exhaust after a whole day work and have no energy to cook. And we often feel starve after work so we want to find something to eat as soon as possible, to cook by myself is too time consuming, so definitely to eat out is a quick solution. And there are many good restaurants locate around my company and my neighborhood, it's not expensive but very delicious food. We can easily choose anyone of those, finish our dinner within an hour and enjoy the rest of the evening.

Describe a Public visiting

Sagarada familia

I've been to Barcelona twice, and have been to Sagarada Familia twice. I was shocked by the great architecture even though it's not finished yet. The architect Mr. Antoni Gaudi made it a perfect fusion of the natural elements and every piece of block in this church. You will find the inspirations of pillars are come from the trees and leaves, the tower shape are come from corns and flowers. It was amazing that Gaudi can design such a complicate church as an artwork and the Barcelona people's great patience in building it.

Large city university or small city university

I would prefer the university in a small city. Small city is quiet and peaceful, it is a perfect place for study. I used to study in a famous university locates in a small city of Europe for several years, and I enjoyed the academic atmosphere very much. I will not be bothered about noise or traffic jam. We can easily get to campus by bicycle within 10 minutes so we'll not waste our time on traffic, there's always fresh air and beautiful flowers outside my window, so we'll not worry of air pollution.

Prefer live with roommates or alone?

I would like to live with one or two roommates. First of all by sharing room with others it will reduce the rent. Second I will not feel lonely because the roommate's existence, we can talk to each other, share information and cook together. And it is a good way to get to know more friends, we can take the chance to know each other's friends. I used to have a roommate who is a very capable girl. She is now one of my best friends. I learnt a lot from her, and we still keep in touch even we've moved apart for two years.

Prefer poem, magazine or novel?

I would prefer to read a novel. Poem and magazines are very good literatures but for me they are too short and easily can be forgotten. But a novel is a relative long and a complete story, it is more attractive by the story's developing pace. So the story is easy to be remembered. And in different novels we can experience variety styles of life, those we may not have chances to make it by our own life. There can be romantic stories like , magic worlds like in the , and even some history novels by which we can easily understand the world evolution……